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Maple Leaf Mailbag’s Rock’n Roadshow

What is the MLMB Rock’n Roadshow? In a word, it is a poem. In a sentence, it is a visual love song to the men and women who have carved their initials into the fabric of the Canadian countryside. The Roadshow is about exploration, change and enlightenment; it is about the Canadian way, the open road, the frozen winter, an epic struggle to survive the wrath of Mother Nature’s tempestuous bosom. The idea for the Roadshow came to me after seeing a movie about penguins — those fat loveable little adventurers we have come to love. They have taught us so much about journey, hardship and discovery. In the end, in some way, are we not all penguins? When we remember who discovered this great land of ours, who plumbed her depths and charted her soul, Cabot, Cartier, Champlain, does one not reflect on their determination, fortitude and ability to prevail against all odds? It is time to add the names Blake, Ian and Gooner to that immortal list. Join us on our journey of Truth, also known as the MLMB Rock’ n Roadshow. Ian Jones

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