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About us

RCI Vision is a film and video directory that hopes to become, thanks to you, one of the world’s best websites. Our mission is to present the works - short films, essays, portraits and documentaries - produced by Radio Canada International, as well as those created by amateur, emerging and professional filmmakers. Bringing countries and cultures together, learning more about Canada and its diversity, discovering places and unusual facts: RCI Vision will be a platform for cultures to meet and ideas to grow.

The emphasis will be on short formats in film, video and multimedia productions; RCI Vision will offer the world’s web surfers the opportunity to get involved not only by viewing the content produced by RCI and other users, but also by producing their own movies and broadcasting them on the RCI Vision platform.

On RCI Vision, everyone can watch and download videos. Internet users looking for a new type of entertainment, film students, journalists, poets, writers as well as those who simply create for fun; RCI Vision is the place for all of them to meet, create and share a common passion: the love of information, image and sound. Become tomorrow’s broadcasters and cinematographers and keep sharing your passion with your friends through RCI Vision’s social network’s integration. You’ll be able so share links, create playlists, send private messages and create a community around the films and topics that move you. RCI Vision is a Radio Canada International initiative that showcases Canada and the world as you see it. Welcome.

RCI Vision Team:
Soleïman Mellali, Editor in Chief, soleiman.mellali@radio-canada.ca
Boris Chassagne, Anchor - Producer, boris.chassagne@radio-canada.ca
Enrique Garcia, Researcher, enrique.garcia@radio.canada.ca