Upload International Passport Series

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  • Brooks 1, Alberta - Kabba Hip Hop
    What a beautiful falimy you captured! They look so happy and in love. Amazing work! From mom’s perspective the oldest kid is taller than dad, where did the time go??
  • Along the Tracks
    Sharon - WOW!!! She is soooo cute can’t wait to see them all. So glad I was there to see you at work .you did a great job and the pictures prove what a great phgrootapher you are!!
  • Voices: Tips!
    Wow, I didn’t even know these videos were on here!

    I googled myself randomly today and saw a link to this site. Brings back memories!!
  • Courir dans les escaliers
    thanks Girard! yeah, somehow this version was terribly not in synced, and the end is missing!

    + courir only takes one R!
  • Courir dans les escaliers
    The sound and the images are not synced
    I think this version of the film is better:
  • Mile End, Faces and Places
    Thank you so much for the bagels! We owe you a peach next time you visit us down south.